Monday, February 3, 2014



I've been teaching Go for at least five years now, and over that span of time my teaching has continually improved. These days I get a lot of very positive and flattering feedback (thank you~).

I believe it is important to focus on concepts and real understanding rather than case-by-case tactical explanations. It is just the same for academic studies, and really life itself - and speaking of which, let me just throw it in here that Go not only provides deep mental and personal cultivation, but also is really analogous  to life!

I believe that more so than just a having deep understanding of Go, teaching it requires the ability to put oneself in the student's shoes. Furthermore, with a little creativity, a Go teacher can complement explanations through use of various fun and relatable analogies and metaphors - it is very important to comprehend and discern the situational as well as the long-term needs of the student.

As for English, I've taught a few people in the past, but for the most part have just started tutoring in early 2013. For both Go and English (I can also tutor Japanese for very low-level beginners), I have some typical formats in which I teach, but can teach in any other format as well - I am open to mostly anything.


...are open to discussion!

But in general, for real-time lessons, I charge about $20/hour. Travel time/expenses not included.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact me!
You can email me, contact me via my other social media, or even easier -  fill out the "Talk to Yuki" form on the right sidebar (it can be found on the right, close to the top if you scroll up a bit)

This page is still under construction, and will eventually include more details and links to other related information and sources of credibility such as past lessons, feedback and more!



  1. Hi, I am interested in Go lessons. Where are you?

    1. :) It's me.


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