Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dark Christmas?


この間ひどい嵐があって、木がたくさん倒れました。それだけじゃない、木がパワーラインの上に落ちて、オンタ リオ中にたくさんの家が停電の状態になっちゃいました。僕はトロントに住んでいて、とても不便でした。たった今電気が僕の家に戻ってきて、すごく助かりまし た。数日前から外が少し危なくらしくて、モールも店もほとんど閉まっていて、ぎりぎりのクリスマス買い物をできませんでした。友達のみんなもこの状態だから、クリスマスの後に、パーティをする予定があります。


(Owned by weather!!)  x(

Now that I have electricity back, life is okay again.
Actually, it really wasn't that bad. But it was boring, and more than two days - say, a week or more - would have REALLY sucked.

Tonight, I am happy that I was able to prepare some presents for people with help from my mom, though I will have to do a lot of shopping tomorrow, too!
In particular, I was able to prepare something special for someone. It's going to be legen--

Wait for it...



..something doesn't sound right...




 (This image was not made by me, nor do I own it)



It was not Yukigami's fault for all the freezing of the trees and falling of the trees onto all dem power lines. The ice-coated trees may be beautiful, but Yukigami would not go that far. Well, for the time being Yukki wa HAPPY DESU! ;p


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